Spring is Almost Here!

Even though it is still snowing here (A LOT).  We have Spring thoughts.  We have been busy designing new glitter beach tanks for Spring Break and Summer.

One of our newest designs is "Happier Than A Seagull With A French Fry".   As we were talking about Spring Break and past stories, seagulls quickly came up on topic.  One of the most memorable stories I have was when I was as SeaWorld with my mom.  We sat down to eat lunch after a fun filled morning in the sun. Both of us starving and ready to chow down on some sandwiches.  As we were waiting for our food, we noticed signs posted reading "DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS".  

Why would anyone want to spend top dollar for a sandwich and fries to then give it away to the seagulls?  Any ways, we finally get our food and sit down.  I run back up to the counter to grab some napkins. As I'm walking back to the lunch benches to sit, a seagull swoops down and snatches up my freshly made sandwich.  I of course HANGRY and devastated burst out into tears.  Mind you, I was 8 or 9 years old.  The woman at the counter saw the snatch and made me another one right away. 

Looking back at that I knew that seagull was very happy ;)

That's just one of the back stories on part of our new Spring Break and Summer Tanks. 

Until Next Time